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My goal for you is self-actualization, and the tool is astrology. Through a series of hourly sessions, we will work on the issues that prevent you from achieving your goals. This could be a subconscious desire to not succeed, feelings of inadequacy and various other mental and psychological barriers to success.

Please note that an accurate time, day and place of birth is vital to the success of the consultation. We may require you to show proof of your birth credentials (such as your birth certificate) in order for us to proceed fully with the session. Please note that if you were to produce inaccurate or nonexistent birth records, the session may not be refunded as work has already been done based on the credentials you have provided. A new, fully paid session will have to be rescheduled.

With an accurate birth chart, I’m able to delve into your natal tendencies, derive the major influences in your life and determine what drives you. From the matrix of information presented to me I am then able to craft a strategy for you to tackle your personal issues, or at least to overcome the mental inertia to take action.

The first half hour assessment session is risk free, in the sense that we will not be charging you for it. We are looking for fit. Can you handle our consultation style as well as we can handle you. Sign up now for the initial free assessment and let us get to get each other better. We’re looking forward to it.



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