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How It Started, and How It’s Going

It’s been forty two years since I last popped into existence, and honestly I’ve never felt better – as the world around me slows down, I took the opportunity to work on my fitness, my finances, dug deep within, and found my own happiness and peace. Spirituality has been a cornerstone of my life since last June, as I delved deep into astrology, reiki and worked on my relationship with business and family. It has truly been rewarding.

I’ve never stopped being a Catholic even though physical church-going stopped for me. I’ve always held the belief since I went on a wing and a prayer to the de Mello institute for a retreat, that ritual does not equal spirituality. I remember the Ignatian father celebrating Mass on the second last day of the retreat saying, “How can this be the body and blood of Christ?” – the nuns present were scandalized but I took those words to heart. A loving God would not punish you for not loving Him, would he? That would be the anti-thesis of a “loving” God.

I graduated, started a business and started a family. The business part of it has never been easy but I’ve learnt to let go. I truly believe that “bad” things happen for a reason, and if you don’t learn the lesson the first time around, guess what? It’ll be repeated for you. Again and again, until you figure what life needs and wants from you.

The Good News

Amidst the doom and gloom, the negativity and the despair, I’d like to offer some perspective. Easter after all, is about death and redemption, before the gloriously stupefying resurrection.

The world has long been stuck in a rut where the things of the material play such an oversized role in our universe. Our cities are huge, dense to the core and packed to the gills, playgrounds for novel viruses and hotbeds for pathogens. The money was good though, so we continue to stream into cities, and roll the dice.

We have luxury, fashion shows and the like. Shiny jewelry and even shinier stars. Our buildings were ginormous, our monuments grandiose. Status was everything – the three Cs (cars, condos, credit cards) and all that jazz. Big corporations, hedge funds and financial institutions that loom large over every aspect of our existence. Being employed, being a salaryman サラリーマン, loyal to the point of exhaustion and in some cases, death.

All of that came crumbling down in a blink of an eye. I’m wearing the cloak of an devil’s advocate here but I’d think the virus is doing us all a favour in the long run. Bear with me, here’s why.

What is the point of luxury if it cannot be seen and felt? In the age to come, as we struggle futilely, to contain the pandemic, familiar indulgences will have died off. Luxury will be a footnote in the annals of history. The models flaunting Christian Diors and Christian Louboutins can’t hold a proverbial candle to a TikTok star hawking a Utopian version of super tech wearables. Your network, your portfolio and your influence – these will be the currency of the future.

Speaking of currency, the crypto coins that sprouted into existence, chief amongst them Bitcoin, was meant to be a foil against the immense printing going on right now. If we are chasing an egalitarian ideal, we need look no further than cryptocurrency. Suffice to say, as with most things from the age bygone, the ideal is still a work in progress tainted by greed and crime. Humanity has to decide whether nations should be allowed to keep the money presses spinning in order to maintain the status quo. The ultra capitalist’s day of reckoning is nigh.

The attainment and consumption of status, so commonsensical and taken for granted, will fade away in memory, as if it were a quaint habit your forebears practiced. A lifetime of facial mud and hair masks, plastic surgeries, red carpet dinners, graduating summa cum laude… you’d have to be in person, to lord it over the other person. Rather than Warhol’s 15 mins of fame, your claim to longevity rests solely on your ability to tease, entertain or be merely, maybe even morbidly, interesting in the first 10 secs. Bore me, and you’re gone, with a mere flick of the wrist, or a raised eyebrow. Siri and Alexa were the curious antiquities your crotchety aunt or uncle referred to fondly when reminiscing their past. The technology we only dream of, will become a distinct reality. Not just the internet of things, but the seamless interoperability of an entire ecosystem.

And all the proud paragons to consumerism – the ever pervasive shopping mall – such an indelible part of the urban landscape. With the destruction of luxury and the devastation of social contact, these too will fade into oblivion. The superstructures of architecture, the towers to corporate power and stately monoliths of the industrial-military complex will crumble like the shattered visage of Ozymandias in the sand. True equality begins when the powers that have been, realise that in the face of an overwhelming, invisible foe, the only thing standing between them and ultimate annihilation is our common humanity.

The Human Connection

It has been said we are the virus, and earth is the host, and the host is being destroyed on a daily basis by our callousness. It seems to me now that we human beings are really just the vectors, and an efficient one at that, spreading the disease far and wide as a result of our voracious globalization. Our world suddenly became smaller and scarier. And so, we retreat into our shells, our hovels, for safety. Overnight, the global village became a byword for our porous vulnerability. The human touch is to be feared. Just merely being in the slipstream of a contaminated jogger spells certain terror and a lengthy bout of sickness, death notwithstanding.

It bears noting that to this day, there remains to be a definitive cure to AIDS. It was first clinically reported on June 5, 1981, with five cases in the United States. That year, 1981, was the first time in long time that astrologically, two important planets Jupiter & Saturn conjunct together in an Air sign, Libra. Other interesting technologies and firms such as Napster, the Nintendo console as well as the famous home grown Sound Blaster PC audio card emerged during this twenty year period.

Jupiter and Saturn will again conjunct in another Air sign come 22 December 2020. That sign is Aquarius. Aquarian characteristics are typically technologically disruptive, humanitarian, and dissociative.

If 1981 is any clue, there will hardly be a cure forthcoming for Covid-19. At best, we can ameliorate its most dastardly effects on the body. If human contact is the venom, then we can expect that the dissociativeness so distinctive of the Aquarian sign to be part and parcel of our existence. Social distancing will prevail, teleconferencing will be the norm, and love and sex in the Aquarian age will transmutate forever in the aftermath of the coronavirus. I would imagine dolls to take the place of your lover’s body and sex to occur over separation of millions of acres of space. We are joined only in the electrifying space between nodes, and satiated only in the cocoon of our technologically advanced toys.

The logical first step in curbing the spread of any disease would be to eliminate the vector. For humanitarian reasons, of course, this has to be elimination by substitution. Drones will replace riders in the food delivery space, robots will takeover in construction and manufacturing, and self driving cars will isolate us even from the last bastion of transportation – the driver, now as always, a potential carrier of the pathogen.

Brave New World

All this hand wringing and hair-pulling will be in vain if we do not embrace the Age to come. The virus has wreaked havoc through our systems, or culture and the set ways of doing things. Covid-19 has been the great disruptor, heralding a new epoch marked by a rapid transition to the online space, the development of AI and robotics. Indeed, Earth is headed for a major reset and the new operating system promises to be far more than we can ever imagine… if only we let go. Let go of what should be, what has been and our myopic vision of the world. Then, and only then, will the pain lessen. I find only joy in the great disruption, but I’d imagine many people are having a hard time adjusting. What they say about change being the only constant is true – and that change is happening by leaps and bounds even now.

Parents, do not limit your children by your own imagination, for they were born in a another generation. For even in your wildest dreams, you will never be able to confront the enormity of the change happening in your lifetime, let alone theirs. Embrace your children, but let them go embrace the Age to come. Your utmost cooperation is needed, nay, required.

There are many among you who will believe that a cure is on the horizon. To this I say, hope is opium. Get off the hopium train right now and embrace your new reality. The sooner you adapt, the happier and healthier you’ll be.

Love, Life & Inevitability

I’ve come a long way on this journey through Earth. I can only hope the next few decades are brimming with the hope and excitement I’m feeling right now.

I have a few interesting people to thank. There’s this jovial seer in Lavender with his stupendous insight by the name of Derrick Ng. There are my teachers in astrology, May Sim and reiki Ron Wu. And most of all, my family, my lovely wife Momo Peach and the kids. Thank you for being part of my journey. Love you all.



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