I'm Here if You Need Me

Hi there, I am Ed!

15 years of business in the F&B sector, hiring scores of people from different backgrounds. I often hear my employees complain about their families, their love lives and their sense of aimlessness. Mostly, I lend a listening ear and chip in when I have a solution.

My Experiences


Let me help with practical solutions for your business. With 15 years under my belt, I'm able to hep you navigate the waters of entrepreneurship more effectively.


Tune up your resonance to the better things in life. Reiki can help bring up your energy levels and help you cope with the vicissitudes of life.


An excellent career profiling tool for those in search of themselves. The universe is here to guide us. Answering our true calling, we'll fit right into the spot that the universe has carved out for us.

What to expect?

An open and candid conversation with us. An honest assessment of your life and your goals. Understanding the use of various tools that will help us get to the point that we need to be. Coming into complete acceptance of oneself.