Let's talk about business, life and astrology.

I just want to help you out of your funk. Whether you’re stuck in a loveless relationship, or you have issues with how your career is going… I am here to help and most importantly, here to listen. Life can be better.  Life should be better. Let me show you how.


1 on 1 Consultation

A personalised face to face or zoom consultation to better understand your situation and what is the best way to tackle it using my recommended astrological tools that anyone can use

Group Coaching

From time to time we will run astro educational classes to help participants learn more about themselves as well as their natal tendencies. No prior knowledge of astrology is needed.

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Hi, I'm Edwin Ng!

Where on earth did I come from?

15 years of business in the F&B sector, hiring scores of people from different backgrounds, I’m  often the person my employees turn to when they need a listening ear on how to best confront familial, love and personal issues in order to function productively at work. I often joke that I founded an F&B business to help counsel people. 

Skillset & Experience

Using a plethora of tools ranging from astrology, reiki and positive imaging, I will help you overcome your inertia and improve your inner greatness.



Come if you need to break out of old  patterns or just need a new perspective on issues.


Whether you’re just starting out or even if you’re an old hand, come have a chat if you need a sounding board.


Come if you’re a seeker.
Let’s unravel the truth together.

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Transformation Completed!

STEP 1: Taking the first step to understanding yourself is perhaps the most difficult part of your personal journey, but let me assure you that it’s worth it.

STEP 2: Let me know when will it be a good time to talk to you. Simply fill up the form on the next page and make an appointment with me. 

STEP 3: Show me your commitment by being punctual for the meeting. I will need your birth chart with an accurate time, place and date of birth, failing which an accurate astrological reading will not be possible.

STEP 4: Rest assure as a self actualisation coach, I will do my best by using astrology as part of a myriad of tools to help you achieve your goals.